Fashion Photography
Various editorial for independent e-magazines. I tend to shoot towards high contrast, saturated and sometimes dark.
The Separation
A short film. What I put together after dealing with a breakup.
Video Art for Michaa 2010
Michaa with Jacquelyn Jablonski For this concept, I wanted to work with a lot more double exposure elements, but still heavily influenced by French Nouvelle...
Nike Storyboards
In 2011 I took part in a pitch for one of Nike's skateboard shoes where I was working as a freelance art director at that time. The inspiration behind this...
L.A. Noire Magazine
This is a quarterly magazine I started in 2009-2010. I wanted this magazine showcase performers and writers who moved to Los Angeles in hopes to be part of the...
Lifestyle Photography
Various LIfestyle and Food Projects - Ginger, Thyme and Lemon Infused Tea - Ploughman's Luncheon - Fine & Raw Chocolate Factory in Bushwick - Chef Klaus from...
Designs w/ Type
Various designs using type.
This is my very first film. Inspired by nouvelle vague cinema, Peter Lindbergh and my very best friend Joerg since we were 25.
Various poster design projects from Los Angeles Phil Harmonic to SXSW circa 2009 as a freelance Art Director. I chose water color to visualize music. For...
This was a rough cut and a pitch I was
NICHOLAS- Fashion Advertising
An impromptu shoot for an up and coming fashion e-commerce back in 2009 from Australia. The original photographer dropped out and I was suddenly called to...